Superstar back in action

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Shankar signs on Rajnikanth for Robot          

The story of Shankar & SRK Duo is gone. The Boss of the Box-Office will soon be back. Months after Sivaji The Boss set the cash registers ringing worldwide, Tamil superstar Rajnikanth is teaming up with the out-of-the-box director Shankar again. 

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If top industry sources are to be believed, Shankar will work with Rajnikanth in Robot, which was planned to be shot with Shah Rukh Khan in the lead and as producer. But the project apparently did not work out owing to ‘creative differences’, with Shah Rukh himself confirming the separation. Later, it was reported that Shankar approached Aamir Khan for the role.

Though the film’s thread is not confirmed, the name ‘Robot’ and widely-speculated media reports suggest the story is about a maverick scientist who creates a robot and later runs into trouble with his pet creation.

When the movie does hit the screen, Shankar, known for his expertise in state-of-the-art film-making technique, could thrill filmgoers, especially Rajnikanth fans wordwide. Film buffs and Rajnikanth fans say if the duo team up again, it could be “explosive”.

Sources say a top production house in Mumbai will produce the film, in what could be the most expensive film ever made in India. If Sivaji was shot for a whopping Rs 80 crore (Rs 800 million), the new film is expected to cost more than Rs 100 crore (Rs 1 billion).

According to sources, Shankar has held discussions with the Mumbai production house, which has shown a keen interest in the film with Rajnikanth, the highest-paid actor in the country.


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Live it UP!!!

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Let’s take a quick look at Top 10 world’s tallest luxury hotels.

rose-tower.jpg  Rose Tower, Dubai – 1093 feet. This is the latest one added to Top 10 List, finished in November, 2007.

burj-al-arab-dubai-luxury-hotel.jpg  Burj Al Arab, Dubai – 1053 feet

grand-hyatt-shanghai-china.jpg  Grand Hyatt Shanghai, China – 555 rooms

jumeirah-emirates-towers-dubai.jpg  Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Dubai – 1014 feet

ritz-carlton-jakarta-luxury-hotel.jpg  Ritz – Carlton Jakarta – 696 feet

four-seasons-hotel-new-york.jpg  Four Seasons Hotel, New York – 682 feet

four-seasons-hotel-hong-kong-luxury-hotel.jpg  Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong – 673 feet

waldorf-astoria-new-york-luxury-hotel.jpg  Waldorf – Astoria Towers, New York – 625 feet

wynn-las-vegas-luxury-hotel.jpg  Wynn, Las Vegas – 614 feet

w-times-square.jpg  W Times Square, New York City – 583 feet

four-seasons-hotel-shanghai.jpg  Four Seasons Hotel, Shanghai – 564 feet

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The stage is set ! Audience invited !!!

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Go as far as you can see and when you get there, you will always be able to see farther.

Na krodho na cha maathsaryam na lobho naas(h)ubhaa mathih
Bhavanthi kr(u)tha punyaanaam bhakthaanaam purushoththamae

ந க்ரோதோ ந ச மாத்ஸர்யம் ந லோபோ(4) நாசு(H)பா(4)மதி:
வந்தி க்ருத புண்யாநாம் பக்தாநாம் புருக்ஷோத்தமே

Courtesy: Vishnu Sahasranamam-Sloka to get rid of anger, competitive spirit, greed and bad thoughts.

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